Rhapsody in School - Konzerte in Schulen


RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL a unique music education project from artists for kids!
ncouraged by the Cultural State Foundation’s (Kulturstiftung der Länder) Kinder zum Olymp!

The idea came to the internationally acclaimed pianist, Lars Vogt, during a discussion with his colleagues, all of whom are outstanding virtuoso musicians themselves. This exchange formed the basis for the initiative that has developed rapidly over the past years since 2005 and is now one of the most famous music education projects in the German-speaking world. The unique feature of the programme is that the artists visit the students in their classrooms.

Musicians performing in various cities visit a local school on a morning/afternoon to play for the children, answer questions and discuss their everyday life. Active participation from the students is encouraged.

Currently more than 300 artists and 40 partners participate in the project. 470 schools and 30.000 students have already been visited by the artists and an increasing number of schools outside Germany are joining the network.

Young people get the opportunity to meet famous artists in person and have insight to their lives, their experiences and personal development. The musicians can reach the children through their own passionate commitment to set their own goals and course in life. Over the past years we’ve observed with great delight how these face to face encounters can sometimes reveal a whole new world of sound and inspiration those young people. The positive feedback (all in German) we receive proves us right.

“The students embrace classical music with open hearts, even with no previous classical music experience,” says Ludwig Gehlen, member of the association “Musiker Hautnah e.V.”  As principal of the Anna Freud School in Cologne, he has been associated with the project from the beginning. Like all the other artists, promoters and organisers, he volunteers his time, thereby forming a pillar of the programe’s success.

Schools all over Germany and Austria, and, for special events, in venues such as concert halls, theaters and opera houses. Soloists also visit German and International schools abroad during their concert tours.

During school hours, before and after a concerts.

Ernestine Varga