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Project Sponsorships
Project sponsorships are special additional workshops offered by the musicians and coordinated with teachers. The projects are developed and presented by the musician and can include discussing composer’s works and playing their music, as well as improvisation workshops which eventually lead to student performances.

RhapsodyReport is a magazine written by students documenting special RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL activities and events. Under the guidance of the culture journalist Julia Kaiser, young journalists visit rehearsals and concerts and report on their experiences.

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Rhapsody in Concert
In gratitude to our cooperation with the Konzerthaus Berlin and the music high school, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Berlin, pianist Lars Vogt and his musician friends Johannes Fischer (percussion), Alban Gerhardt (cello), Daniel Hope (violin), Andrea Lieberknecht (flute), Sabine Meyer (clarinet), Edicson Ruiz (double bass), Daniel Müller-Schott (cello), Lauma Skride (piano), Antoine Tamestit (viola), Christian Tetzlaff (violin), narrator Klaus Maria Brandauer and presenter Malte Arkona gave the first performance of Rhapsody in Concert in September 2012. For the next two seasons we plan to continue Rhapsody in Concert events.
Rhapsody in Concert, v. links nach rechts: Malte Arkona, Daniel Müller-Schott, Sabine Meyer, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Antoine Tamestit, Johannes Fischer, Christian Tetzlaff, Daniel Hope, Edicson Ruiz, Lauma Skride, Lars Vogt, Alban Gerhardt, Andrea Lieberknecht. Foto Boris Streubel
Read more about this event in our online pdf RhapsodyReport 1 

Only Rhapsody in School can present so many classical music stars on stage all at once!