Rhapsody in School - Konzerte in Schulen

A warm welcome to Rhapsody in School


  • Visits from international top-class soloists from the classical music world
  • Lively, close-up encounters for children and teenagers with outstanding musicians
  • Unique charity concerts Rhapsody in Concert
  • Writing and creative workshops with the magazine RhapsodyReport

The secret of RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL’s success is the exciting experience for everyone involved

  • The students experience that enthusiasm, passion and commitment to a goal can have an incredible effect on their lives
  • The teachers observe in their students an often unexpected curiosity and emotion
  • The artist’s contact with their young audience is immediate and unfiltered; through it they experience how their passion lights a spark

Why the idea of Rhapsody in School
The beauty and magical impact classical music can stimulate within us is less and less acknowledged and with this development we are loosing an important aspect of our cultural heritage. RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL with it’s network of highly acclaimed musicians seeks to establish proactive social participation by bringing music to pupils world-wide in their classrooms.

I have never done anything more meaningful.” Lars Vogt

The project RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL is nationally and internationally active. To learn more about the initiative please read our concept.
Sabine von Imhoff and her rhapsody-team look forward to hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are proud to receive the renowned ECHO-KLASSIK Prize 2014

We are sponsored and promoted by our association Musiker Hautnah e.V.