Rhapsody in School - Konzerte in Schulen

For Teachers


If you are interested in a school session with an artist please contact
Sabine von Imhoff

For German schools abroad and international schools please contact
Ernestine Varga

Be sure to specify your type of institution, your school’s postal address, participating school classes and if an upright or grand piano is available.


Artists volonteer to participation. Still, your school should either reimburse for the artists local transportation expenses or transfer a corresponding donation to the Association Musiker-Hautnah e.V. The average donation is 1 Euro per child.

Musiker Hautnah e.V.
Sparkasse KölnBonn, BLZ 370 501 98, Konto-Nr. 190 091 28 49
BIC COLSDE33, IBAN DE14 3705 0198 1900 9128 49


Once an artist’s visit has been agreed upon, you might find the following tips useful in your preparations:

  • Before the event please actively involve your pupils in preparing for it.
  • Elaborate with them a series of questions they can ask the artist.
  • Ask them to specify which music styles they like to hear.
  • What do they associate with the term “classical music”.
  • Maybe view the artist’s website together with your class.
  • Have them do some preliminary research on the musical instrument.
  • Pupils may also bring their own instruments when the artist comes to visit.
  • If the musician is performing in your town, you can organize tickets for the concert. We are happy to assist you.
  • Please prepare a little sign of gratitude for the artist. No flowers because most artist are travelling.
  • After the session, ask your pupils to write down their impressions, describing what they learned and what impressed them most. The more creative their feedback the better. Please send the documents to Sabine von Imhoff.
  • If possible, take photos or make a video. If you have organized local press coverage, please send us a copy of the article.
  • Please check with parents, whether their children are allowed to be photographed.
  • If needed, please insure that the necessary number of music stands and chairs without armrests are available.