Let us review 2016:

More than 190 Rhapsody in School events this year. Many newly joined musicians, amongst them young stars like the extraordinarily young pianist Laetitia Hahn (14) and other charismatic musicians such as Ksenija Sidorova – Accordion, Cathy Krier, Annika Treutler and Lilit Grigoryan – all pianists aswell, plus the violinists Tianwa Yang and Sarah Christian impressed their young audience in schools across Germany.
Lilit Grigoryan (Piano), Rostock, Werkstattschule Rostock
Lilit Grigoryan (Piano), Rostock, Werkstattschule Rostock

The SIGNUM saxophone quartet stands out with 6 Rhapsody in School-sessions this year alone. Bravo to them, they are truly dedicated and commited to their Rhapsody in School participation.

And of course special praise goes to Helmut Eisel (Clarinet) and Annika Teutler (Piano) as well as the tremendously busy but nevertheless tireless Lars Vogt.

Lars Vogt (Piano), Güstrow, Ecolea Internationale Schule Güstrow
Lars Vogt (Piano), Güstrow, Ecolea Internationale Schule Güstrow

Annika Treutler (Piano), Eisenach, Elisabeth-Gymnasium Eisenach
Annika Treutler (Piano), Eisenach, Elisabeth-Gymnasium

But of course all “Rhapsodes” were great!

We also thank our loyal school cooperators without whom we would never receive the beautiful feedback from the inspired students.
Ksenija Sidorova (Akkordeon), Stuttgart, Hohensteinschule © O.Guskuva
Ksenija Sidorova (Akkordeon), Stuttgart, Hohensteinschule

Without a doubt the two Rhapsody in Concert events – first in january in the “Konzerthaus Berlin” and in september in the „Tonhalle Düsseldorf“ – were highlight of this year.  >> Look at our diashow

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to the Rhapsody in School-Family with lots more Rhapsody in School happenings wishes
Sabine von Imhoff, senior manager of Rhapsody in School


Music unites – after 10 years of Rhapsody in School it is wonderful to observe how many artists, who themselves come from international surroundings, meet more and more young pupils with multi-national backgrounds in the classrooms. We are pleased to see all kids obviously enjoying the encounter with the musicians – even if some of them are just starting to learn German.

Our second anniversary concert in the amazing Hall “Tonhalle Düsseldorf” towards the end of September was vibrant and very lively because of our young hosts, who professionally led us – the audience – through the event.
They were willing and eager to learn from their coach, Daniel Finkernagel, and nailed their performance that evening.
birthday_tonhalle © S.Diesner
Jesko Sirvend, Erik Schumann, Sharon Kam, Herbert Schuch, die jugendlichen Moderatoren des Humboldt-Gymnasiums, das Jugendsinfonieorchester der Tonhalle und die Düsseldorfer Symphoniker

birthday_tonhalle2 © M.Fiene

Of course our thanks go to all “Rhapsodes” who took time to see young pupils in schools this year – especially the tireless SIGNUM saxophone quartet (for example at the “Brühler Schlosssskonzerten” but also the always on short notice available Franziska Hölscher.

Cooperations with the “Dutch music festival” and the “Beethovenfest Bonn” were intensified. And through these cooperations Rhapsody in School’s network of well established soloists and musicians has grown again – for example by the participation of conductor Frank Strobel or newcomers like Filippo Gorini.
At Hardtberg-Gymnasium with music teacher Herrn Dittmer, the pianiste Filippo Gorini, Sabine von Imhoff (Rhapsody in School) and Dr. Dettloff Schwerdtfeger (Marketing Director Beethovenfest Bonn)

We are happy to report that our cooperation with “Musical Olympus” continues. The “Duo Aliada” found time for Rhapsody in School-sessions during their performances at Carnegie Hall, New York and “Tonhalle Zürich”. Ernestine Varga and Anna Berenike Haefliger – our two project managers – coordinated these remarkable visitations. Thank you both too.

Lars Vogt was rewarded another prize for initiating and contributing to “offspring promotion” through Rhapsody in School by the “Würth Preis – Jeunesse Musicale”.

Lars Vogt (Piano), Künzelsau, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie © Börngen
Lars Vogt in Künzelsau, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie

We wish you all a lovely summer!

In Bremen and Niedersachsen the school-summer-holidays have started already. Bavaria is the last state to enjoy the break, starting school again on September 12th. The school-holiday-rotation system in Germany assures that somewhere in the country schools are open and operating.

Good for us. We can practically plan rhapsody-events all summer. Because of our wonderful cooperations with festivals all over Germany, musicians are sharing their life experiences even throughout the holiday period.

Lars Vogt’s festival “Spannungen” just successfully celebrated it’s 18th season and repeatedly included artists Rhapsody in School activities.

Jana Boušková (Harfe), Heimbach-Schönblick, GGS Schönblick © Paula Schipperges
Jana Boušková (Harfe), Heimbach-Schönblick, GGS Schönblick © Paula Schipperges

Gabriel Schwabe (Cello), Euskirchen, Marienschule
Gabriel Schwabe (Cello), Euskirchen, Marienschule © Ulrich von Saurma


Byol Kang (Violine), Schleiden, Clara-Fey-Gymnasium
Byol Kang (Violine), Schleiden, Clara-Fey-Gymnasium © SvImhoff

The feed back – especially from children and young adolescents who live in the countryside and not often have the opportunity to listen to live music – was huge!

Feedback der SchülerInnen des Clara-Fey-Gymnasium in Schleiden

Now for example the “Rheingau Musik Festival”, “Bühler Schlosskonzerte”, the “Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”,  “Beethovenfest” and the “Niedersächsischen Musiktage” are proceeding and we are proud to have long ongoing relationships and cooperations with all of them.

Kiveli Dörken (Piano), Düren, Gymnasium Am Wirteltor
Kiveli Dörken (Piano), Düren, Gymnasium Am Wirteltor © Ulrich von Saurma

Our next big event is our 2nd Birthday concert on September 28th in the Tonhalle Düsseldorf concert hall.
Banner Ddorf
Feel free to visit our download program-pdf: RiS Ddorf
The concert starts at 18:00. Ticket sales: Adults € 12 / children € 5

This time the concert will be hosted by young school kids. They are currently being coached in a special workshop by Daniel Finkernagel, presenter, director and coach.

Our team has been diligent: in average 20 school events have been logged in since the beginning of the 2016.

Thankfully committed to all our partners, our team and the musicians, we wish everybody a wonderful summer!

Alexander Baillie (Cello), Bremen, Grundschule Alt-Aumund © Gwendolyn Schubert

SAVE THE DATE – Rhapsody in Concert on September 28th 2016 at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf
For tickets please visit (ticket sales starting in july)

Rhapsody in Concert Tonhalle Düsseldorf
© Heike Fischer

Dear friends, patrons and musicians of Rhapsody in School

19. Januar 2016

For everyone involved to remember and for those who missed it, an opportunity to experience this beautiful 10th anniversary concert “Rhapsody in Concert II” again: On January 31st at 7.30 am! – very early – the radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur is broadcasting the recording of our January 8th concert at the Konzerthaus Berlin.


We are pleased that we could celebrate our tenth anniversary of the Rhapsody in School project at the Konzerthaus Berlin with many artists, friends and children. And we want to thank all sponsors, fans and musicians not only for the wonderful festivity but also for their loyalty over the past 10 years!

Rhapsody in Concert II im Berliner Konzerthaus am 8. Januar 2016 © Tibor Pluto Rhapsody in Concert II / Tanja Tetzlaff, Lars Vogt, Malte Arkona und Veronika Eberle © T. Pluto

from left- right: Malte Arkona, Lars Vogt, Sharon Kam, Tanja Tetzlaff und Veronika Ederle with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and the Orchestra of the Music School Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Berlin
© Tibor Pluto

For further press articles and releases please check out:

Rhapsody in Concert in der Presse (weitere Artikel auf der Presseseite)
TAZ 11.01.2016 Rhapsody in Concert II im Konzerthaus Berlin (PDF)
Berliner Morgenpost 10.01.2016 Rhapsody in Concert II im Konzerthaus Berlin (PDF)


11. Dezember 2015

Hooray! We proudly present our CD with excerpts from the magical concert “Rhapsody in Concert I”  from 2012, recorded in the legendary and beautiful “Konzerthaus Berlin” hall.  We are very happy to send you this fine recording of Camille Saint-Saëns “Karneval der Tiere” (in German) with Klaus Maria Brandauer as speaker and some of the most renowned classical musician of our times. We do also kindly ask you for a donation to help support the musicians commitment. Our bank details are:
Sparkasse KölnBonn
IBAN DE14 3705 0198 1900 9128 49
Verwendungszweck: CD Rhapsody in School

Rhapsody CD Karneval der Tiere


30. Oktober 2015

For new and important possibilities for cultural contribution we thank our network partners “Kinder zum Olymp!” and “junge ohren“. We are participating in two competitions both focusing on “cultural integration”

It is Kick off time for the nationwide initiative KULTUR ÖFFNET WELTEN – CULTURE OPENS WORLDS

As an immigration country, Germany faces great challenges and chances to create a healthy multi national community and to make ends meet in a diverse society. Cultural participation is one of the key factors for the success of integration. A supporting role in this process to design thus lies in the hands of our cultural institutions. CULTURE OPENS WORLDS wants to promote the process to form a joint initiative, headed by germanys minister of state, culture and media Prof. Monika Grütters including all states, municipalities, support artistic associations and actors from all parts of society.

To do this, the network “junge ohren – young ears” launched the coordinating body for the nationwide initiative, inviting all cultural workers and institutions in Germany to participate. The application period holds from May 21 to 29 2016 where applicants can present their projects and activities thus displaying their support and commitment. Signup for the registration period begins end of November. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask the team of “junge ohren”

For further information please visit:

We – the Rhapsody in School team – wish you a bright and colorful autumn.


08. September 2015

We welcome our new contributor Katrin Giese. She is in charge of promoting our next big Rhapsody in Concert event on January 8th 2016 in Berlin, Konzerthaus. Please scroll down for further informaion: SAVE the DATE!

And once again we are proud to welcome more collaboration partners:

With no less than three  school visits we start our cooperation with the Niedersächsischen Musiktagen in September. We thank Cornelia Hemmann from the out reach progam vivam for her wonderful support!


Also a first is our collaboration with the Usedomer Musikfestival and Rhapsody in School.
October 9th the SIGNUM saxophone quartet will inspire kids in a school in Karlshagen.

After some memorable Rhapsody in School visits in Gotha and Frankfurt/Oder we now  are official partners with the Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha and the Brandenburgischen Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder  We are  now looking Forward to many more heartening school hours with fantastic Rhapsody in School musicians.

Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha          Logo BSOF

Last but not least we thank all active players for all they have done in the past.

„Veränderungen“ (“Changes”) is this years Beethovenfest theme. To our delight our partnership continues unchanged! We look forward to some awsome happenings.

 18. Juni 2015

We proudly announce our next Rhapsody in concert event:

Our promoter is Katrin Giese you can reach her:
+ 49 (0) 30 97 00 81 48 / +49 (0) 152 02009997
Katrin Giese / Promotion Rhapsody in Concert

save the date - Berlin16

Rhapsody in Concert II – Musiker hautnah
: Konzerthaus Berlin in cooperation with Rhapsody in School

On Januar 8th, 2016, 18:30 musicians from the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, the  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach high school orchestra and soloists from Rhapsody in School  will perform a special concert for a young audiance in the grand hall of the Konterhaus Berlin.
Musical director, presenter and pianist: Lars Vogt
Musicians: Clarinet
: Sharon Kam / Violin: Veronika Eberle / Violoncello: Tanja Tetzlaff
Special guest: Malte Arkona
As of 6 years of age

Series: Special event

Pre-ticket sale as of 26.05.2015. please call 030 20 30 9 2101 or contact

03. Juni 2015

Summer is approaching and soon our summer break begins!

Some rhapsody-musicians use their holidays to play and have fun in summer festivals: „Spannungen Festival“ – – Lars Vogt’s festival in the romantic Eifel region, features prominent stars such as Sharon Kam and Antje Weithaas, but also Rhapsody-newcomers like Mario Häring, Anna Reszniak and Sibylle Mahni. They will delight schools in Heimbach, Düren, Jülich and Kreuzau – small rural towns where cultural highlights and school visits are very warmly welcomed. We thank our cooperation teams for making it all happen.

The successful cooperations with the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Gezeitenkonzerte, the festival and the Brühler Schlossfestspiele will be continued this summer – we are glad that „Musikalischer Sommer Ostfriesland“ as well as the Niedersächsische Musiktage are interested in a collaboration and first contacts to artists and organizations could be initialized – we will report.


May this year bestowed us with fantastic news in Hamburg: Logo Elbphilharmonie
Our new partnership with the Elbphilharmonie, respectively their education program named “ZukunftsMusik” starts now! Fortunately one of our colleagues/contributors/ staff members – Katrin Bonke – is employed there and will take care of the appointments. We hope to find many musicians who are willing to visit schools in Hamburg and invite the classes to their concerts to the Laeiszhalle in return.

Julia Fischer, Sophie-Barat-Schule, Hamburg
Julia Fischer, Sophie-Barat-Schule, Hamburg

Additionally we continue our cooperation with the Beethovenfest Bonn – which pleases us enormously because Dr. Nike Wagner, new managing director of the Beethovenfest, is more than happy to continue our collaboration. Teamed with their program “Junges Beethovenfest” we are able to organize several school appointments with artists performing during the Festival.




The SIGNUM SAXOPHON QUARTET concert in the Kölner Philharmonie was amazing and brilliant in itself. But when the “Rising Stars-musicians” (a Cologne Philharmonie series for Echo-prize winners) invited their “rising-stars-kids” on stage to performed the last encore together the audience was deeply touched. The quartet had worked with the pupils for several months during a special workshop they offered at an inner city junior high school in Cologne Mühlheim. Thanks to all, who helped make this cooperation such a success!

Signum Saxophone Quartet © Heike Fischer
Signum Saxophone Quartet © Heike Fischer
We wish all our memeber, fans, musicians, teachers and colleagues a wonderful summertime!

Sabine von Imhoff and the Rhapsody-Team

27. March 2015

30 School visits in March, this is a record. A HUGE thank you to all – musicians and organizers.

The following deserve special mentioning: SIGNUM SAXOPHONE QUARTET, Cologne, for their admirable diligence during their project-sponsorship with the Elly-Heuss-Knapp junior high school. We are looking forward to the concert on April 26 in the Cologne Philharmonie; FLORIAN UHLIG for introducing his music students to the importance of reaching out to children, teenagers and young adults; our cooperation partner FESTSPIELFRÜHLING RÜGEN; many new soloists joining the Rhapsody in School network: ILYA GRINGOLTS, MICHAELA PETRI, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, CUARTETO SOLTANGO, DANIEL AUNER, MARK JOHNSTONS and PIRMIN GREHL; ANASTASIA KOBEKINA visiting two schools in one day; ANTJE WEITHAAS, DANIEL MÜLLER-SCHOTT, FRANZISKA HÖLSCHER, CASPAR FRANTZ, DINA UGORSKAJA, SHARON KAM and CHRISTIAN TETZLAFF, the latter among the initiators and souls of Rhapsody in School. March 2015 has been amazing!

Anastasia Kobekina, Cello, in Rothenberg, Grundschule Rothenberg © C. Gotthardt

 Christian Tetzlaff, Violine, in Köln, GGS Geilenkircher Straße © H. Fischer

13. Februar 2015

Rhapsody in School is becoming more and more international!
The SIGNUM SAXOPHONE QAURTET went to visit two schools in Italy. We thank the artists, their Agent Alex Kirsch and the hosts AMICI DELLA MUSICA di PADOVA as well as Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona.

Signum Saxophon Quartet in Padua, Liceo Marchesi

A new cooperation with the city of Winnenden not only enriches the Rhapsody in School network with wonderful new musicians – they joined the cellist and leader Claudio Bohorquez for his festival event this year – but also enlarges our participating school network by almost all schools in the city. You can view beautiful fotos on Facebook:

The pianist Florian Uhlig and his colleague violist Pauline Sachse – both professors at the Dresden conservatory – inspired both highly talented highschool children and classmates and some of their own students in a special outreach project this month. Music education can never be stimulated to early. Many thanks to Kerstin Klaholz who initiated, organized and executed this amazing school visit.

Florian Uhlig, Piano, in Kooperation mit dem Musikgymnasium, in Dresden, Montessorischule

17. December 2014

We all – musicians, Rhapsody in School-team and association Musiker Hautnah e.V. – are now proud Echo-Klassik award 2014 holders
Echoklassik2014_Sabine von Imhoff_Alice Heiliger ©bvmi
Bravo to everybody involved in this project!

And the Rhapsody in School network is growing: we happily welcome our new cooperation partners Staatstheater Braunschweig and Staatsoper Hannover. With regional help and support we celebrated a couple of succsessful Rhapsody in School premiere-visits.

Karen Gomyo, Violine, Christian Poltera, Cello, in Hannover, Gymnasium Goetheschule
Boris Giltburg, Piano, in Braunschweig, Gaußschule
Boris Giltburg, Piano, in Braunschweig, Gaußschule

09. September 2014

ECHOklassik_2014 “We, the artists and organisation team of Rhapsody in School are thrilled to receive
the ECHO-Klassik award!
Classical music of all times has a properous future as it has it’s firm place
in our hearts.We shall continue to pursue our goal of bringing music directly to the classrooms
of children and young people.
There they shall experience the immediacy and the pure emotion of music and catch
the spark of that wonderful world.Thanks to all the voluntarily involved artists
and organizers of our team, especially Sabine von Imhoff and Alice Heiliger,
as well as our responsible association body „Musiker Hautnah e.V.“!Lars Vogt, pianist and instigator of Rhapsody in School

06 August 2014

Proudly we present our newest edition of the magazin RhapsodyReport.
Please feel free to download, read and enjoy our young writers reports and findings.

Download RhapsodyReport 3 (PDF)


15 Juli 2014

Our summer started with many amazing RHAPSODY IN SCHOOL visits!

This year we are proud to cooperate with two new festivals and continue our joint operation with the festival SPANNUNGEN: in the disused former power plant “RWE Kraftwerk” in Heimbach, situated in the beautiful region „Eifel“not far from Cologne. During the festival period four young musicians visited students in their classrooms.
Lars Vogt went to see pupils in a school in Aurich during his festival concert with the „Gezeichnetenkonzerte“ in northern Germany not far from the north sea.


Two Rhapsody in School visits premiered this year with the festival The Tuba-player Andreas Hofmeir went to see and play for Children in a school in Braunschweig and the pianist Alexej Gorlach was celebrated during his visit in Wolfenbüttel.

And for all German listeners: in this interview Julia Kaiser talks about her work with the RhapsodyReporters and their experiences as young journalists during the festival Spannungen in Heimbach.

We wish you all a wonderful summer!

15 Mai 2014

Daniel Müller-Schott is THE “Rhapsode” to start a cooperation with Alte Oper Frankfurt.

Alte Oper Frankfurt
Many thanks to the education department in Frankfurt and especially to Daniel, for his tireless efforts both in music mediation and in reaching out to the young people. Check out his website under his menu bar „Rhapsody in School“.
trans10 Daniel Müller-Schott, Cello, auf Schloss Hasenwinkel
(©Daniel Müller-Schott hier auf Schloss Hasenwinkel)

29. April 2014

Great end to the school-sponsorship with the Matthias-Claudius-Elementary school in Düsseldorf. In the Clara Schumann Music School the 3rd grade students performed their composition on the Big Bang and the formation of the planets.
With the help and inspiration of their mentor, cellist Leonhard Bartussek, the children composed and rehearsed for 10 school weeks and school hours and performed with great zeal. Afterwards the spectators in the well-attended hall applauded enthusiastically.Congratulations and a big bravo to all the artists and a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.
trans10 Leonhard Bartussek, Cello, in Düsseldorf, Matthias-Claudius-Schule
©Heike Fischer/Rhapsody in School
Weitere Fotos in unserer Bildergalerie

09. April 2014

We look forward to another new cooperation with a prominent partner; Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele GmbH. We start with the charismatic 25-year old pianist Alexander Krichel in a Schwetzinger junior high school on the 5th of May followed by the renowned Faure Quartett in a high school in Wieblingen near Hannover on May 21st. We wish all participants good luck and a good working relationship.   Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele

The program of Schwetzinger Festspiele : Klaviermatinée mit Alexander Krichel  and  Liederabend mit Simone Kermes & Fauré Quartett

11. März 2014
We are proud to announce our new cooperation with the renowned Tonhalle Düsseldorf. Management and education department have agreed to ensure, coordinate and organize concert tickets for all school classes visited by Rhapsody in School artists during their concert peroid there.
The beginning of our partnership was celebrated with the famous cellist Alban Gerhardt who visited the Realschule Süd in Neuss. Thank you.

Ariane Stern, Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Alban Gerhardt und Sabine von Imhoff, Projektleitung©    René Hafkesbrink/ Tonhalle Düsseldorf

Ariane Stern, Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Alban Gerhardt and Sabine von Imhoff, Projectmanagement

20. January 2014

New year – new outfit:
As of this month we are proud to present Rhapsody in School in new colours and with a new website. Thank you to all those who contributed.

We happily invite you to check it all out….

We are pleased to have joined the network netzwerk junge ohren. We look forward to a productive and inspirational collaboration.

A warm welcome to the Robert Schumann Philharmonie Chemnitz, our local partner in and around Chemnitz.

Project Sponsorship
The cellist, Leonhard Bartussek, is offering a project sponsorship: from February to April he is hosting an improvisation workshop which will eventually lead to a student performance. We wish them all good luck and look forward to the event. We’ll keep you posted.

2014 has started well, thanks to an expanded management team and our very experienced active musicians such as Alban Gerhardt, Viviane Hagner, SPARK, and Daniel Müller-Schott as well as new members of the network; Alexander Schimpf, Mikael Rudolfsson and Julia Rinderle.