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To learn how artists develop their skill and passion and what makes them so unique are vital information’s for young students on the brink of finding their own pursuit:
What stimulates me? How can I make my passion my profession?
And how can I differentiate myself from others?

These and many more essential questions – according to their age – are directed to the artists during Rhapsody in School sessions. And the musicians are thrilled to see how their love for music grows from spark to flame. .

"All humans have an inner drive. We musicians want to share our passion with you. That’s why we come to visit you. I have never done anything more worthwhile and meaningful in my life."
Pianist and Initiator of Rhapsody in School, Lars Vogt

Initiative Rhapsody in School


Rhapsody in School musicians visit children and young adults in their classrooms on a free morning between concerts. Their aim is to play some of their favorite music and offer youngsters the chance to get to know them. Rhapsody in School sessions take place in all kinds of schools – primary, secondary and high schools including other typical German schooling varieties in Europe.


By meeting the artists personally, the young students are given the opportunity to meet the human behind the public figure. They learn about their dedication and inner drive for their profession. The artists are convinced that listening to music can inspire and evoke curiosity, passion, joy and love for life.

Rhapsody Ambassadors - Statements

Franziska Hölscher, Violinistin © Irene-Zandel

Franziska Hölscher, Violin

"Music is vital to children, children are vital to music. We want to bring music to young people, to win them over as friends, listeners or performers of the music that carries the musical life of the future. We want to familiarize them with musical instruments and show them their possibilities of musical, personal expression. Children are an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for us artists and musicians."
Alban Gerhardt, Cellist - ©Sim-Canetty-ClarkeHyperion-Records

Alban Gerhardt, Cello

"Thank you, Rhapsody, for making me happy and giving me the chance to convey my passion for classical music to young people. I do hope that my story, how much music has changed my life and how great such an acoustic instrument sounds, helps to change the perceptions of classical music being a thing boring and old and of the last centuries!”

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Next Dates


January 2020

| Srba Dinić (Piano) | Ivi Karnezi (Sopran), Braunschweig, IGS Franzsches Feld | RHAPSODY GOES OPERA
| Tobias Feldmann (Violine), Hannover, Gymnasium Helene-Lange-Schule
| Felix Klieser (Horn), Magdeburg, Ökumenisches Domgymnasium
| Maximilian Wagner-Shibata (Tuba), Weimar, Goethegymnasium Weimar
| Alexander Blettenberg (Dirigent), Mülheim an der Ruhr, Otto-Pankok-Schule

February 2020

| Goldmund Quartett (Ensemble), München, Gymnasium Moosach
| Theo Plath (Fagott), Wangen im Allgäu, Grundschule im Ebnet
| Theo Plath (Fagott), Wangen im Allgäu, Berger-Höhe-Schule
| Theo Plath (Fagott), Wangen im Allgäu, Freie Waldorfschule Wangen
| Anastasia Kobekina (Cello), Brandenburg, Curie-Schule

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