Rhapsody Ambassadors - Statements

Franziska Hölscher, Violin

"Music is vital to children, children are vital to music. We want to bring music to young people, to win them over as friends, listeners or performers of the music that carries the musical life of the future. We want to familiarize them with musical instruments and show them their possibilities of musical, personal expression. Children are an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for us artists and musicians."

Alban Gerhardt, Cello

„In the mid-90s, I saw myself forced to go and visits pupils in a so called ‘outreach’ project during a concert week in New York. I'll never forget this first visit, I was extremely skeptical having to go to a school in the Bronx with not a single white student. I felt extremely uncomfortable in my skin and deeply regretted the waste of my precious time. But to my total surprise I emerged only 45 minutes later transformed to being one of the biggest outreach enthusiast. The reactions of the kids have since touched me so deeply that to this day that I make every school visit an extraordinary experience for all of us. Back from the USA in 2001 I tried to visit schools on my own - unfortunately in vain. Then, when Lars Vogt approached me and wanted to win me for his outreach project “Rhapsody” he found my doors wide open. I was glad to finally have found people to organize my school visits for me.Thank you, Rhapsody, for making me happy and giving me the chance to convey my passion for classical music to young people. I do hope that my story, how much music has changed my life and how great such an acoustic instrument sounds, helps to change the perceptions of classical music being a thing boring and old and of the last centuries!"

Daniel Müller-Schott, Cello

„My commitment to Rhapsody in School is extremely important to me and a dear heart’s desire. I love the immediate enthusiasm the children show me every time, and I always look forward to all their questions that are enormously inspiring to me. The openness and curiosity about classical music makes me hope for a wonderful future!”

Annika Treutler, Piano

"As a musician, I see the transmission of classical music to the younger generation not only as our responsibility, but as a necessity. The direct exchange with students of all ages and their unfiltered reactions show me every time that we are doing the right thing. I am very grateful to Rhapsody in School for the dedicated work and I am wholeheartedly involved! "