Rhapsody Plus

Rhapsody in School involves even more activities than described in Rhapsody in School Sessions, Rhapsody goes Opera and Rhapsody Workshops


Rhapsody in School promotes and supports

  • Professors and their Outreach programs with students
  • Provides internships and job description qualifications for students and young employees in the field of music education
  • Provides study areas for Ph.D. students, master theses and research


Rhapsody Education

Musicians as mediators and communicators: In addition to the musical talent of their students, teachers / professors also promote the communicative abilities as mediators. More and more often they take their master students to Rhapsody in School-Sessions.


Rhapsody Plus – Research | Internships

Right from the beginning – and with growing interest in new professions in music education – students and even doctoral candidates have registered with us either to receive information about our work and our “results”, or to make their own evaluations, in order to acquire the necessary know-how during an internship for a position in the education sector.

We are proud to mention that very good results of “Rhapsody in School” have been documented in master’s or doctoral theses for example this book:

Tobias Emmanuel Mayer: Der Bernstein-Effekt. Klassikstars als Musikvermittler für Jugendliche

We are also proud to report that young people quickly found jobs in the industry through our recommendation after a period of observation or volunteering at Rhapsody in School.

We are happy about anyone who wants to incorporate our experience into their “Magister” or Bachelor or PhD thesis. We are open to applications and are happy to welcome you.

It is important to know that the initiative is based on volunteering.

Have we sparked your interest? Then do not hesitate to contact us!